Past posts: A simple living index

This index includes 13 categories: Frugality, Simple Principles, Around the House, Ten Things We Live Without, Climate Change, Fruits and Vegetables, Garden Strategies, Cooking, Preserving Food, In the Yard, Friends and Neighbors, Simple Living Influences. and Life Lessons.

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Radical frugality: 15 ways we save money

Winserts: How we reduced cold coming from window

Spend/thrift: Ways we could spend more

Buying nothing: An anti-consumerist call

Home-grown firewood: Fuel that’s cheap and local

Homemade haircuts: Betsy cuts my hair

Home-grown Christmas tree: From yard to hearth

Competitive shopping: How we save on food

Reading without spending: Books for free


‘Real Simple’: Is this mag really about simplicity?

Small-town values: Why I like living in a college town

Ad-venting: I stay away from commercial messages

Pop-culture dropout: The joys of obliviousness

Re-solutions: Alternative New Year’s goals

St. Francis: One of the first simple living proponents

Faith and simple living: A Christian perspective

Extensive expense records: Keeping track of everything

Admiring the Amish: Ten things Nick emulates

‘Good Life’ gets better: Nick’s newspaper article

New definition of success: Health, not wealth

The Big Picture: Everything is connected

Bicycles with benefits: How Nick gets around

Balm in Gilead: Betsy’s church fosters community

In other words: The good life in foreign languages

Simple Christmas: It’s not so simple after all


Homebodies: Why we like staying put

Hanging out: Drying laundry outside

Solar heat: We warm our house with sun

Heating with wood: Using home-grown fuel

Am I a lumbersexual?: Substance over style

Clothes calls: Using it up, buying used

It’s my bag: Washing and re-using plastic bags




Cable TV


Second car

Air Travel

New Clothes


Factory farms


Plus, 10 things I couldn’t live without


Climate forum: Attended by 600

Carbon farming: Eric Toensmeier’s book

Science and miracles: How the soil can save us

The soil connection: What Paris tells us

Fertile soil: How it could impact climate change

Pope’s encyclical: And why it’s a tough concept

Pope’s visit: And how we move forward

Solarization: And its discontents

How many Earths?: We’d need 3.3 of them

Addiction as metaphor: Food habit, fuel habit

‘This Changes Everything’: Naomi Klein’s book

Climate march: We join thousands in New York

‘Climate change kills kittens’: Signs from the march

Carbon by the numbers: Calculating your footprint

Top 10 climate list: What we do to conserve

Gas tax hike: With prices low, now’s the time

Running on sun: Could our Prius go solar?

Climate clamor: It’s getting hot in here!

Climate hypocrisy: Individual actions do matter


Blueberries: Our 6-by-35-by-10-foot structure keeps birds away

Strawberries, raspberries and gooseberries

May veggies: Asparagus and fiddleheads

Potatoes: Growing in cylindrical containers

Tomatoes: Red plastic mulch and Epsom salts

Tomatoes: Love and death

Tomatoes: Out of the habit of starting seeds

Tomatoes: Late blight came early last year

Tomato that wouldn’t die: Fresh in January

Elderberries: What Betsy does with them

Horseradish: Creativity with ancestral roots

Cherries: They grow on a bush

Foraging: Grape leaves and sumac berries

Garlic: Five reasons to love it

Cucumbers: What we do with bumper crop

Zucchinis: Battling the squash vine borer

Eat more kale: It’s hardy and nutritious

Eggplant: With recipe for mock-caviar

Inch by inch: April sowings bring May flourishes

Seed starting: Why we start plants indoors

Shoots up: How we nurture seedlings


Winter harvest: Vegetables in hoop houses

Harvest home: Getting crops in before frost

Organics and insects: A visit to Simple Gifts Farm

Compost: Homemade fertilizer is best

Slugging it out: Waging war on slimy creatures

Meet the beetles: Cucumber beetles meet their maker

To pee or not to pee: Using it in the garden: yuck?

I killed a woodchuck: And felt no remorse

Fox pee: Does it really deter woodchucks?

Woodchuck wars: Catch me if you can

Goats for rent: How we cleared away invasives

Hair in hose: Will it scare away rabbits?

Homemade insect spray: Using garlic and hot pepper

Nature’s scheduling: How we plan when to plant

Ungardening: Nick throws in the trowel at community plot

Sweet potatoes: Plus rhizome barriers and polycultures

Gardening in January: Configuring future plots

Extending the season: Hoop houses, row covers, milk jugs

Hoop house harvest: Fresh vegetables in winter


Instant recipes: Finding what you want on Internet

Home cooking: Why it’s better than restaurants

Wheat’s the difference: A move toward less gluten

Wheat-free cookies: Alternatives to Xmas treats

Real men and quiche: Gender stereotypes

Soup’s on: Pumpkin Fiesta and Curried Squash

Daily bread: Satisfaction of making it from scratch

Acorn bread: Paleo food for hunter-gatherers

A recipe quilt: Betsy collects, sorts and binds

Tea & tedium: A cuppa from the garden

Blueberry bread: A berry nice loaf

Post-Halloween recipes: Dishes from pumpkins

‘Fed Up’: Inconvenient truth about sugar

Tarts-of-our-hearts: A special Christmas recipe


Sauerkraut: Betsy lacto-ferments

…Because we can: Tomatoes, beans and chutney

In a pickle: Turning cucumbers into pickles

I’m into fruit leather: How Betsy preserves kiwis

Great balls of spinach: A great way to freeze it

Wild jam and ketchup: Using fruit of invasive plant


Stone soul playground: Betsy builds patios and walkways

Don’t blow it: The case against leafblowers

Designing Eden: Permaculture consultants advise us

Lawn order: Who needs it? We don’t

Tuning out noise: Barking dogs and lawnmowers

Leaves: We use ours and are given more

Snow jobs: Taking it off roof, getting at wood

Shoveling snow: We enjoy the exercise


Mentor to future farmers: John Gerber

Gerber’s garden: What a mentor grows

An urban homestead 1: Gabor Lukacs’ house

An urban homestead 2: Gabor Lukacs’ philosophy

Respectful disagreement: Gabor and Nick

A cooperative farm 1: Michael Dover and Rebecca Reid et. al. indoors

A cooperative farm 2: Their vegetables, fruits and goats

5,921 pounds of vegetables: Steve Wallach’s farm in Dartmouth

Ten percent the impact: Living well, minimizing fuel

Way past sustainable: Ryan Harb and permaculture

The kindness of neighbors: Accepting a helping hand


David Grayson: A secret identity revealed

David Grayson: Police logs and simplicity

David Grayson: Nick’s talk at Jones Library

‘Joys of simple pleasures’: David Grayson quotes

Scott Nearing: He lived the good life

Helen Nearing: In her own write

Be Prepared I: Betsy’s life journey

Be Prepared II: Betsy’s books on collapse

Be Prepared III: Betsy on food security

Be Prepared IV: Betsy on conserving water

Christmas carols: Who wrote them?

Up from Privilege: Nick’s life journey

St. Francis: More than just ‘Brother Sun’

‘Living More With Less’: A Mennonite guide

Fred Small: An anthem for simple living


‘Tis a gift: Our single most popular post

‘Good life’ goes live: Nick’s speech at Amherst Club

I once was lost: Nick remembers 40 years ago

Elderhood: A new perspective on aging

Composure amid conflict: Reactions to Trump’s election

No to negativity: And an attitude of gratitude

Elderhood: We are resilient, wise, generous…

Perspective on refugees: Nick’s father was one

Attitude of gratitude: Giving thanks good for the soul

True confessions: Remembrances of journalism

Fessin’ up to failure: Gardening mistakes we’ve made

Survival together: A center for neighbors in need

True confessions: What newspaper readers should know

Run for your life: Nick pounds out 15-20 miles a week



41 thoughts on “Past posts: A simple living index

  1. Thanks so much for your wonderful blog and also for all the work that went into the index of past articles. I just finished the book The Wild Wisdom Of Weeds by Katrina Blair. If you ever get a chance to read it, I’d enjoy your thoughts on it in the blog. Viva Springtime! Now, back to a cup of Betsy’s wonderful tea recipe.

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