100th post: Greatest hits

This is our 100th post on this blog. To mark the occasion, we are revisiting the 10 most popular posts, based on the total number of views (hits?). If you missed any of these posts, click on the titles.

10. Top Ten climate list. Ways that we minimize our carbon footprint, from living in a small house to limiting meat consumption to not flying.

9. Buying nothing. Robin Jaffin of Amherst, co-founder of the local Buy Nothing group, explains how it works and why it’s important.

8. Tarts of our hearts. Betsy explains how to make Elna’s Tarts, a buttery Christmas favorite.

7. Throwing in the trowel. Nick writes about his decision to give up his community garden plot and concentrate on our backyard vegetables.

6. Top Ten Re-Solutions. To close out 2014, Nick lists ways he wants to re-think his life to better protect the planet and promote personal fulfillment.

5. An urban homestead. Gabor Lucaks of Amherst talks about his one-acre homestead less than a mile from the center of town.

4. Starting the adventures. Our first post set forth the reasons we were starting the blog.

3. Berry-scope. This was a surprise. Who knew so many people were interested in how we grow blueberries?

2. Radical frugality. Fifteen things we avoid, from cable TV to alcohol to airplane travel, and the amount we save on each.

1. ‘Tis a gift. Betsy’s post about our three-day stay-cation with our son Ben, who has an intellectual disability, was not only the most viewed; it was seen by more people than numbers two and three combined.


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