Top 10 Re-Solutions

Are you tired of the same old New Year’s Resolutions, such as “I’ll go to the gym three times a week” or “I’ll spend less time on Facebook”? After noticing that, for me, the same resolutions popped up at this time every year, I started calling them “re-solutions.”

Now, to promote care of the Earth and also personal satisfaction, I’m sharing a list of 10 year-end re-solutions to consider:

10. Re-lationships. I will put more emphasis on friends and family and less on acquiring things.

9. Re-silience. I will learn new skills so that I can cope with whatever hardships and challenges appear.

8. Re-lax. I will set aside time every day to sit quietly and try not to let minor irritations bother me.

7. Re-frain. I will avoid judging or speaking ill of other people, and think before saying anything.

6. Re-side. I will put my energies into my home and yard and appreciate the virtues of staying put.

5. Re-use. I will look for ways to re-purpose household items, to reduce the amount of waste I generate.

4. Re-think. I will question my assumptions about people, politics, and consumer culture.

3. Re-claim. I will look to the past to learn about the roots of frugality and community.

2. Re-sist. I will actively fight the forces that are threatening our planet’s ability to survive.

1.   Re-cognize. I will accept that although I’m just one person, the decisions I make are important.

In addition to these goals, I’m making a list for 2015 of ways to stretch myself. It includes playing chess with a person instead of a computer, reading a long 19th-century novel, going on overnight trips around New England and identifying birds that come to our feeder.

If we have destructive habits, the new year is a good time to resolve to eliminate them. But it’s also a good time to look for ways to broaden our perspectives and pursue new ideas.


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