I’m into fruit leather

IMG_20141108_095448877Our hardy kiwi vine (Actinidia arguta) bore abundantly again this year, providing three quarts from one vine.  We can’t eat all these sweet-tart little berries fresh, so we have taken to preserving them by making fruit leather in our dehydrator.

IMG_20141108_095702494Plain kiwi leather is a bit on the tart side, so this year I have tried making two combination leathers: kiwi banana and kiwi apple.

To make banana kiwi leather, I just pick off the hard stem end and fuzzy blossom end on each ripe kiwi and then use a fork to squish them in a bowl, skins and all.  To one cup of crushed kiwi I added one mashed ripe banana.  Then I spread the mush thinly on two half-screen-size reusable teflon sheets (you can also use plastic wrap).

They go into the dehydrator on medium heat for 24 to 36 hours until the leather has turned, well, leathery!  Then I peel the fruit from the teflon and wrap the leather in plastic wrap, label and store in an airtight container (or sealed plastic bag).

IMG_20141112_063414975IMG_20141112_063438343For the kiwi apple leather, I followed Gen MacManiman’s recipe in her handbook Dry It – You’ll Like It.  I chopped up one apple, removing the core.  I peeled the apple, but you don’t need to.  I placed a small amount of apple in a blender with just enough water to get blending started.  I added the rest of the apples, and then a cup of squished kiwi, until the mix was the consistency of applesauce. I spread on teflon sheets as above and placed in the dehydrator until dried to the desired consistency.

These make nutritious and delicious snacks, according to the testimonials of our friends who have tried them.


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