‘Climate change kills kittens’

IMG_20140921_154752336I’m sure the dinosaurs thought they had time, too. Science is not a liberal conspiracy. There’s no Planet B.

These were some of the messages on signs in the crowd of over 300,000 at the People’s Climate March in New York Sunday. (That’s me at the march at left.) The rest of this post is composed entirely of the messages on these signs.

To change everything, we need everyone. If we’re not moving forward, we’re falling behind. What we do to the earth we do to ourselves. All that you touch you change.

Snow is cool. I don’t want to boil. One planet fits all. Save the icebergs. The world is sick. Look mom, no future. I (heart) evidence. Accept reality. Live in consciousness.

Pete Seeger lives. Chicken Little was right. Abbey was right. Mother Nature doesn’t do bailouts. Expropriate the expropriators.

We are all Maldivians. Is money more important? What will you tell your grandchildren? How could we be so stupid?

Curiosity and gardens will save the world. Where’s my affordable light rail? That big yellow ball in the sky — it’s energy.

IMG_20140921_130214228For the love of all beings, do something. No more climate crimes against humanity. Use your brain: Killing the earth is insane. We must consider the effects of our actions on future generations. We’re melting! (sign on icebergs at right)

Don’t just change a lightbulb. Eighty percent by 2050 ain’t nearly enough, folks. The climate is changing and so should we. The science is in — Yay! Earth to Man: Wake up.

Save some earth for me (sign held by child on parent’s shoulders).



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