Counting the vegetable plants

We have finally finished the planting of vegetables and here are the totals:

Tomatoes: 33

Potatoes: 47

Broccoli: 28

Spinach: 23

Eggplant: 16

Chard: 25

Butternut squash: 15

Zucchini: 4

Beans: About 100

Celery: 19

Celeriac: 16

Kale: 20

Turnips: 21

Peppers: 12

Leeks: 15

These totals combine our backyard garden and our community garden at Amethyst Brook Conservation Area. Also planted: unmeasurable lettuce, carrots, peas, cucumbers, horseradish,and oat straw. Coming back strong: blueberries, raspberries, gooseberries, Nanking cherries.

Today I went to Andrew’s Greenhouse and bought six Mortgage Lifter tomato plants, and planted them to replace other tomatoes we grew from seed that had not been doing well.

The work is not done, of course. Now we turn our attention to weeding, watering and watching for insects. Yesterday I sprayed my homemade Garlic-Cayenne concoction on the broccoli and potatoes at the community garden.



One thought on “Counting the vegetable plants

  1. I have a question…
    Where did you get all the seeds ?
    From previous plants you grew or do you buy new seeds ?
    And if you do, where? and organic or not?

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