Starting the Adventures

When I wrote about my experience with urban homesteading in the local newspaper 10 years ago, I was astounded at how many people responded. I wrote thousands of newspaper articles about other people in my 40-year career, but this little window into my personal life attracted the more attention than any other story.

I’ve been retired for 16 months, and the urge to write has come on me again. This blog will focus on gardening, where I am a zealous amateur, and simple living, which to me is the pursuit of contentment instead of material gain. It will touch on cooking of wholesome food, preservation of fruits and vegetables, conserving energy and what this all means in the context of a warming planet.

Since this is May 1, most of my initial posts will be about gardening. I toil away in a backyard vegetable garden at my house in Amherst, MA that I share with my spouse, Betsy Krogh, who maintains a perennial garden in our front yard. I also have a vegetable garden two miles away, beside a brook. In all, we tend about 40 garden beds totaling about 1,000 square feet of growing space.

We try to minimize our impact on the planet by getting heat and hot water from the sun and maintaining a wood stove. I enjoy hauling, splitting and stacking firewood, but at age 64 have to limit myself to 15 minutes to avoid back pain. We own one high-efficiency car, but I ride a bicycle most places I need to go in town.

Thanks for reading this far, and I hope you enjoy the blog.

4 thoughts on “Starting the Adventures

  1. I meant have a good ride…. 😉
    You might want to edit this post and delete my first post. hahah.. 😉

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